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You Shared This on Google SERPS

Google is now displaying small rich snippets beneath the search engine results page listing of a website that has been shared by you via Google Buzz. You must be logged into the account that has shared a link to be able to see these new rich snippets. Take a look at the screenshot below for an example.

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Kazak Media Becomes Google AdWords Certified Partner

PETALUMA, CA – February 1, 2011 —
Kazak Media, a Petaluma Web Design and Internet marketing company announced today it has recently become Sonoma County’s first Google AdWords Certified Partner.


The Google Adwords Certified Partner recognition is part of Google’s Adwords Professional program, which certifies companies as being qualified to manage AdWords accounts Under Google’s certification program, companies employing Google Qualified Individuals may achieve Google Certified Partner status. In order to become a Google Qualified Individual, one must pass two Google certification exams regarding AdWords policies, account management, strategies and best practices.


For more information on Kazak Media’s PPC Campaign Management services visit: http://www.kazakmedia.com/services.html or view the company’s Google Certified Partner profile page at: http://goo.gl/4wwE2


About Kazak Media
Kazak Media is an award winning web design and Internet marketing firm based in Petaluma, CA. For over 5 years, the company has been providing a complete line of Web services that have yielded positive returns on investment for small-to medium-size businesses across the nation. Kazak Media is a Google AdWords Certified Partner. To learn more about the services Kazak Media provides please visit: www.kazakmedia.com.

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Google Boost Ads

While browsing through my clients that have Google Places Pages, I noticed that there was a new feature titled “Create Boost Ad” located directly underneath the “Create Tag” link. Once clicked it brought me to a interface that allowed the small business owner to write a small description (70 characters between 2 lines), choose the destination page of either your website or your Google Places Page, selects 1 or more of the pre-determined categories (keywords) for your Boost Ad to display under, and lastly choose your monthly spend budget (low, medium, or high spend / click volumes).

Ad Title

The title of  your advertisement is predetermined.  Google uses the title of your Places Pages as the default title for your Boost Ad.

Ad Description

Google allows you to write up to 70 characters between 2 lines. This is used as the description underneath your advertisement. Just like AdWords, you are able to create compelling copy that will entice your visitors to click on your advertisement.

Destination Page

Google allows small businesses to choose 1 of 2 places to send visitors once they have clicked on your advertisement.  You can either send the traffic coming from your ad to your Google Places Page or directly to your website.

Show Ads for Searches in these categories

Google uses your Places Page categories as your “keywords”.  When users type in a category that matches the one you are advertising under your Boost ad will be served up for viewing.  Users are able to uncheck whatever categories they do not want their ad showing in.  This will help keep impressions and clicks to a manageable volume.  Just like Google AdWords, the more keywords you have, the faster you spend your alloted budget.  Keep it targeted.

Monthly Budget

Google has 3 pre-determined spend levels along with a custom level. They group them into: low, medium, and high spend/volume.  The custom spend is there to allow businesses to either raise their spend higher than the recommended levels or to lower it to the minimum spend of $50 per month.  In my case they have recommended the following spend increments:

  • $600 – 280-630 clicks estimated per month
  • $220 – 90-200 clicks estimated per month
  • $100 – 50-110 clicks estimated per month
  • Custom ($50 per month minimum spend)

Evolution from Local Listing Ads?

It is my opinion that Google’s Boost Ads evolved from their old beta test of Local Listing Ads.  They share striking similarities in the fact that they both accomplished the same goal, placing an advertisement in both organic map search results as well inside Google Maps itself accompanied with a blue marker icon.  The one main difference is that unlike Local Listing Ads which had a flat monthly fee of $25, Boost Ads run off an abridged version of Google AdWords, allowing the user to bid for placement rather than rotating the ads for each impression, customize their description, and select which categories (keywords) for their advertisement to be displayed under.


Mike Blumenthal noted that the roll-out of the Boost ads are only available to small businesses in San Francisco, CA, Chicago, IL & Houston, TX.  This new feature will now allow novice Internet Marketers who were previously afraid to enter the AdWords arena access to a VERY simple way to place their business in front of their target audience.


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Tanning Salon SEO & Web Design

Kazak Media specializes in Search Engine Optimization for Tanning Salons who need to get their business to the top of the major search engines. SEO for tanning salons is one of the most important aspects of growing your tanning business whether you are a new tanning business or an established tanning provider.

Website Design for Tanning SalonsIf your tanning business is experiencing a drop in phone calls, Tanning Salon SEO is the key to returning your business to profitablity. Search Engine Optimization for tanning salons is what we specialize in and can provide the insight and knowledge to SEO your business to the top of the search engines. SEO for tanning salons can help increase your phone calls, which in turn can increase your sales.

Search engine optimization will help you compete in an ever chaning business climate where placement on the major search engines is critcal. Tanning Salons who need search engine optimization or website development will benefit from our knowledge and expertise of the tanning industry. Tanning Salon SEO is one of the components in your search engine marketing mix that will give you the exposure you need to get you business breathing again.

Tanning Salons who use SEO are experiencing rapid growth in their tanning business and understand the importance of being listed on the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, & ASK. Don’t get left behind by your competitors when Tanning Salon SEO is the key to get your business exposure and your phone ringing again.

Internet marketing for tanning salons consists of many avenues of marketing and search engine optimization being one of the most important aspects of your internet marketing strategy. If you are a tanning salon owner in the USA and need Marketing for Tanning Salons, we can help.

SEO for tanning companies, (UV or Spray Tan, or Mobile) is critical to keeping your business alive and is one of the most effective ways to promote your business when potential clients are looking for a tanning salon online. Tanning Salons who use search engine optimization are seeing their businesses maintain extraordinary growth as well as provide an increase in phone calls and appointments from the internet.

When it comes to SEO for tanning salons, we understand the industry and are able to provide you with keywords and placement that will grow your business during these tough economic times. If you need search engine optimization, Kazak Media has the solution. Get your tanning company search engine optimized that will help you increase your phone calls and in turn increase your sales. Kazak Media, SEO for Tanning Salons!

Kazak Media specializes in websites for tanning salons, organic search engine optimization, and local maps optimization for the entire tanning industry. Whether you are a UV tanning salon, spray tanning, airbrush tanning, fixed-location or mobile, Kazak Media can create your a beautiful high-converting website and place it atop the major search engines.  Contact us or give us a call today at 707-981-8798.

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Google Instant’s Effect on SEO

Since the launch of Google Instant on September 8, 2010 I began to wonder what this would do to the current local SEO industry.

Users are now prompted with search results as they type, changing as they add more characters. Longtail web searches made up a very large percentage of the keywords that user’s typed in to find local businesses. Now they are given search results without having to type in long tail terms like “Cleaning Service San Francisco CA”. Now when they begin to find a cleaning service, websites like Merrymaids and Mollymaids appear prior to adding the geographic modifier to the term.

My prediction is that the effect of Google Instant will be larger than most would think. Local service-based businesses will begin to see a decline in long tail search terms, emphasizing the value of top search engine placement.

Even with the search of short tail terms like “Cleaning Service”, searches will be able to see the local search map that is placed into the search results for location based searches, proving the necessity to be listed in the local search maps.

This new search update form Google might also effect the AdWords (PPC) market too. Creating a necessity to advertise under the more expensive, less converting phrases. This will create an increase in revenue for the search giant, one possibility why they made this switch. The amount of impressions is going to rise, lowering your Click Through Rate (CTR). This is what Google had to say regarding how impressions are counted with Google Instant.

How impressions are counted on Google Instant?

When someone searches using Google Instant, ad impressions are counted in these situations:

  • The user begins to type a query on Google and clicks anywhere on the page (a search result, an ad, a spell correction, a related search).
  • The user chooses a particular query by clicking the Search button, pressing Enter, or selecting one of the predicted queries.
  • The user stops typing, and the results are displayed for a minimum of three seconds.

This “instant” way of searching is nothing new, Yahoo launched a very similar product back in 2005 called Yahoo Instant Search.  An ex-Yahoo employee mentions stated that “didn’t have the infrastructure to be able to serve live as-you-type search results to 100% of our users.”

Bing’s “The Real Live Search” was launched last year and gained short-lived fame before being for the most part… forgotten.

Only time will tell the true effects of Google Instant on Search Engine Optimization.

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Introducing Kazak Local™

Kazak Media, a Petaluma web design and Internet marketing firm has just released an bundled SEO package called Kazak Local.  This service combines a custom 15-page Website with a firm Internet marketing strategy that involves creating Google/Yahoo/Bing Local accounts, submitting your small business to 90+ local search directories, databases, and review sites,  and much more.

Your company will be listed on the top 5 search engines!

These are just a few of the 90+ local directories your company will be listed on!

For more information, or to talk with a representative please visit www.kazakmedia.com.

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