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You Shared This on Google SERPS

Google is now displaying small rich snippets beneath the search engine results page listing of a website that has been shared by you via Google Buzz. You must be logged into the account that has shared a link to be able to see these new rich snippets. Take a look at the screenshot below for an example.

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3 Responses to You Shared This on Google SERPS

  1. I noticed this a few months ago and it is make it difficult to determine where my sites rank. I’ve gotten excited a few times thinking that I got my site to page one in the results. The only way I have found to remove them is by logging out of my current google account.

  2. Kris Shore says:

    Yes, I agree!! I thought I had finally made it to page one and bragged about it to everyone—then I read it closer and saw that “you shared this” tag. I hate that! What is the point of it? Now, I am completely bummed out. Back to the drawing board again…

  3. Kyle Kazak says:

    I originally thought that Google had rolled out some custom Site Links until i logged out of my Google account! I find the feature to actually be a bit of a hassle when trying to look at search rankings.

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