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Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the most cost effective solution to driving traffic to your websites. [citation needed] The best applicable SEO strategy is without a doubt a case by case basis, but all strategies start with knowing your target market and what their search habits (keywords) would be. Then it's about evaluating the competitiveness of the environment, and determining where you can begin competing for valuable keywords, and although you want to be realistic about where reasonable results can be accomplished, there is always room for new entries to gain market share no matter what industry or keyword.

Popular Search Engines

Our 4-Step SEO Process

1. Initial Consultation

We will meet you in person or by phone to analyze your situation and discuss how you can implement a custom SEO strategy to drive targeted traffic to your business. We will also discuss your current website status, as we can either provide you with a new website or work with your existing URL.

2. Competitive Keyword Analysis

With a gained knowledge of your business and industry, our search engine optimization specialists will analyze the competitiveness of relevant keywords. Depending on your specific market there will of course be a variety in levels of competition, and our specialists will tailor a cost effective plan for you, detailing what exact strategies and keywords would be implimented.

3. Website Build or Current Website Integration

With the clients approval and any adjustments made to the plan we either begin creation of your website or we make the necessary edits to your existing site.

4. Monitor Performance and Set Goals for Improvement

We will create goals that are attainable and measurable, whether that be website contacts or purchases made through an existing web store. We can also create a plan for expansion of related keywords as more authority is gained over time.

Local SEO

Local SEO is the best strategy for service-based businesses to get new clients. Without SEO, a typical business website can only be found if the search term entered is the business name or the business owner's name. That works well for keeping in contact with current business and contacts, but new potential clients are not searching for you specifically, they search for occupation and location, such as “Petaluma dentist” or “contractor in San Francisco.” By optimizing your site for your occupation, as well as more specific services you provide, we ensure that a very targeted traffic is being sent to your site.
Local Maps Optimization

SEO for Franchises

Expanding brands and franchises can face several challenges related to poor search engine optimization. Do you have an SEO strategy for each of your branches? And are you managing overall performance? Miss categorized or incorrect information that you didn't create and don't know about could be out there and hurting your business. We specialize in reputation management to make sure your franchise or brand's reputation remains clean and untarnished. But we are also here to provide growth as well, Kazak Media can help optimize you business for the products or services you provide, attracting NEW business. We gather all your basic name, address, and phone number data (NAP) and add value-added data such as your hours of operation, images, website, descriptions, proper categories and a lot more. This is so when potential customers make a search for one of your business using a local search engine or directory your franchise's information is 100% accurate. This also prevents others from making changes to your companies profiles. So Please, contact us for consultation.

SEO for Franchises

Call Tracking

Call tracking allows you to see the bottom line effectiveness of your website my monitoring the number of calls you received. A special tracking number can be placed on the site and record such information as the incoming phone number, length of a call, and even a recording of the calls (if requested). We also disregard short, erroneously-made calls. The phone number is routed to your regular business phone so you are connected with clients seamlessly

Directory Listings

Relevant websites sending inbound links to your own help improve performance because each link adds authority and credibility to your site. Our search engine specialists will selected the most valuable and relevant links from the top performing directories and review sites, and then obtain the needed information from you. The info is then specially formatted and distributed to our channel partner of over 85+ directory and review sites. Take a look at just a few of them below.

85+ Directory Listings


Paid Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising provides the highest control over your Internet marketing because you can pick the exact keywords you want to appear for. Our search engine specialists will work with you to develop a cost effective PPC campaign. At Kazak Media our minimum monthly working budget for a paid advertising campaign is $250 USD.

Keyword Selection

While listening to your specific needs, goals, and expectations, our PPC experts will perform a detailed analysis of keyword phrases that your prospective clients will likely use.


Distribution Choices

At Kazak Media we take advantages of the hottest new advertising mediums available. We offer our clients dozens of partner sites to run your ads through. You can choose to have your ad displayed on sites like Google, yahoo, Bing, Facebook, MySpace, SuperPages, YellowPages, NY Times, CNN, and many more.

PPC Ad Creation

In a PPC ad, you have limited space in which to convey your message and value proposition, so it is extremely important to be concise while using the correct phrases to inspire site visitors to click. Our PPC experts can optimize the wording of your ads to improve conversions as trends are discovered. We will run multiple versions of ads simultaneously in order to constantly improve your click through rate and bottom line conversions.

Bid Optimization

One of the big mistakes PPC advertisers make in creating a campaign is letting it continue month after month with few or no adjustments. Letting your campaign "coast on autopilot" is never a good idea because you can get a much greater possible value for your money by spending when competitive keywords fall in price and avoiding expensive spikes when they appear.

Ongoing Optimization

Our PPC experts take advantage of seasonal trends by monitoring keyword volume and making the appropriate adjustments so that your ads are reaching the greatest number of people at the lowest possible price.


    Kazak Local™

  • 15-Page Custom Website
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Local Maps Listings on Google/Yahoo/Bing
  • Submission to 90+ Local Directories
  • Site Analytics and Statistic Reports
  • Geographic Exclusivity Guarantee
  • Numerous Available Add-ons

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